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Parkway Durian
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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋节快乐!🎑

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore celebrates the end of the autumn harvest with family gatherings, lanterns and mooncakes. ... See more

2 months ago
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth - MCCY

Mid-Autumn Festival isn’t just about mooncakes 🥮 and lanterns 🏮, there are riddles to solve as well. See if you can crack the lantern riddles in this album!

Writing riddles on lanterns is a ... See more

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update 4/9/20

Our Malaysian durian season has ended! We know that many of our customers are still craving for durians. After some arrangement with our suppliers, we will be starting our Thai ... See more

3 months ago

Last call for D24 (500g)
5 boxes 100
only have 3 sets!!!!!!!

whatsapp me now
Closing closing

3 months ago

"Feels like Dejavu bidding all our customers goodbye again one week on..

The one week extension kept us busy and many of your tummies full and happy 🙂

Today is truly the last day of the season ... See more

Durian Delivery Islandwide

A Singapore Brand



The following durians are available for purchase on our website. Due to limited stock, some durians are placed Out of Stock on the website. To reserve or to find out more about our durians, please head to our Parkway Durian Facebook page to get in touch with our staff.

D13 Durian

/ box


D13 Durian cultivar has soft custard-like texture with a distinct reddish hint in colour. It has small seeds with a variety of tastes ranging from bitter to sweet.

Golden Phoenix Durian

/ box


Golden Phoenix Durian is utmost popular with our female customers due to its unique bitter-sweet taste, and its savory dry and creamy texture. The small fruit comes with small seeds, makes it ideally for ladies to handle and relish.

Mao Shan Wang Durian



Mao Shan Wang Durian is the King of durians with the strongest durian fragrance and the most beautifully creamy taste of all. Other characteristics include its deep, bright yellow flat seeds and the long-lasting bitter-sweet taste.

Durian Delivery 

Bringing the joy to you. Especially, during this Covid-19 pandemic season.

Stay home, stay safe and be kind.

Delivery orders can be made on this website and/or our Facebook page.

To guarantee only the freshest and best durians reach our customers’ hands, delivery will be made after 4 pm each day for orders made before 3pm.

– Payment by Cash or PayNow (UEN: 52731400E Kiat Ann Trading)
– Payment has to be made upon confirmation of any order
– If no payment is received when the delivery will be made, the order may be voided. This is due to cases where customers delayed payments and eventually failed to pay.
– Islandwide delivery in Singapore
– Minimum order of $60 for delivery
– $15 delivery fee applies for orders below $200
– Delivery fee is waived for orders above $200
– For pick-up orders, we are located at Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-568, Singapore 440083

Singapore’s 55th National Day

Happy 55th National Day Singapore!🇸🇬💕This also goes out to all our friends and family!☺️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Wishing Singapore continuous harmony, progress and prosperity as a nation! On this special occasion, enjoy durians from Parkway Durian as you gather with your friends and family!☺️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Did you manage to catch the mobile columns in the heartlands? The crowd here was simply amazing! 👋🇸🇬💕  2020 has…

端午节 Dragon Boat Festival

端午节快乐!Happy Dragon Boat Festival!🐉🐲🛶⾈ 吃粽子咯! 端午节源自天象崇拜,由上古时代祭龙演变而来。因相传,屈原倡导举贤授能,富国强兵,力主联齐抗秦,遭到贵族子兰等人的强烈反对,屈原遭谗去职,被赶出都城,流放到沅。屈原眼看自己的祖国被侵略投江自尽。当地百姓闻讯马上划船捞救。为了寄托哀思,人们荡舟江河之上,此后才逐渐发展成为龙舟竞赛。百姓们又怕江河里的鱼吃掉他的身体,就纷纷回家拿来米团投入江中,以免鱼虾糟蹋屈原的尸体,后来就成了吃粽子的习俗。 The Dragon Boat Festival originated from the celestial worship and evolved from the dragon sacrifice in ancient times. According to legend, Qu Yuan a strong advocate for virtue, strong soldiers, and strong alliance against Qi Qin, but strongly opposed by the noble Zilan and others. Qu Yuan was slandered and removed from the capital…

Happy Father’s Day 2020

It’s an especially important occasion for us, our family and friends. It could be that you are buying durians for your father or as a father you are buying durians for yourself. Nonetheless, you deserve to treat yourself well on this special occasion. It’s not easy being a dad! Face it, all dads have to answer to their kids demands,…