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We believe only the best durians are good enough. The following durians are available for purchase on our website. Please contact our staff if you have any enquiry.

D13 Durian

/ box


D13 Durian cultivar has soft custard-like texture with a distinct reddish hint in colour. It has small seeds with a variety of tastes ranging from bitter to sweet.

Mao Shan Wang Durian (Black Gold)

$45.00 /box


Mao Shan Wang Durian is the King of durians with the strongest durian fragrance and the most beautifully creamy taste of all. Other characteristics include its deep, bright yellow flat seeds and the long-lasting bitter-sweet taste.

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Durian Delivery 

Bringing the joy and the best to you. Especially, during this Covid-19 pandemic season.

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Delivery orders can be made on this website and/or reach us at +65 8344 4687.

To guarantee only the freshest and best durians reach our customers’ hands, delivery will be made after 4 pm each day, directly from the farm.

Delivery often take between 30 mins to 3 hours, depending on location.

– Payment by PayNow (UEN: 53366452K Parkway Durian)
– Payment has to be made upon confirmation of any order
– If no payment is received when the delivery will be made, the order may be voided. This is due to cases where customers delayed payments and eventually failed to pay.
– Islandwide delivery in Singapore
– Minimum order of $30 for delivery
– $8 flat delivery fee applies for orders below $110
– Delivery fee is waived for orders above $110
– For pick-up orders, we are located at Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-568, Singapore 440083

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Parkway Durian
2 months ago

Light up our life with happiness, joy, and peace this wonderful Diwali.

4 months ago

Merry Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

4 months ago

The Greatest Story….

4 months ago

Love You Yesterday, Love You Still, Always Have, Always Will
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4 months ago

- 5 September 2021 Menu -

-Pahang Superior Grade AAA Mao Shan Wang (Black Gold) : $25/kg
彭亨特选老树猫山王 ( 黑金): $25/ kg
10kg for $240 (Free Delivery)

- Mao Shan Wang: $18/kg ... See more

4 months ago

Limited quantities left!

When is the Durian Season?

When is 2021 Durian Season? Durian seasons mainly occur during 2 periods of the year: Summer: May to August Fall: Late December to March Best Weather / Climate for Durians to Grow The durian tree is very tropical and needs much tropical warmth (heat), plentiful moisture, and sunshine to thrive.Durian is native of Southeast Asian equatorial rainforests in and remain…

Durian could make super-fast electric chargers – University of Sydney, Australia

Durian Husk was a Waste? The husk of durians often thrown away as waste can be recycled into energy storage devices to rapidly charge electric vehicles and gadgets. Professors at University of Sydney Vincent Gomes and his colleagues made use of discarded husks from durians and jackfruits to make superlight, hollow materials called aerogels. The aerogels make efficient component parts…

Durian Farmers are in Trouble

In the state of Pahang, Malaysia, theRoyal Pahang Durian Group(RPDG) claims that farmers in Raub, Pahang, are encroaching on state land. Despite using the orchards for decades, the state and the organisation claim that they do not have rights over the lands as lands were never legally bought for the use for growing durian. This comes as the demand for…