Durian Farmers are in Trouble


Durian Farmers are in Trouble

In the state of Pahang, Malaysia, the Royal Pahang Durian Group (RPDG) claims that farmers in Raub, Pahang, are encroaching on state land. Despite using the orchards for decades, the state and the organisation claim that they do not have rights over the lands as lands were never legally bought for the use for growing durian.

This comes as the demand for durian has spiked in recent years as more Chinese grows to like the smelly delicacy.

Save Musang King Alliance

The Save Musang King Alliance (SAMKA) is accusing the conglomerate of exploiting them as durian demand in China, Hong Kong and Singapore soars in recent years.

“This is due to concerns that the private corporation’s involvement does not merely exploit the farmers, the state government’s revenue could also be reduced since the hidden and ultimate agenda of the private corporation is to profiteer from this whole scheme,” SAMKA said. 

Come to Agreement?

The conglomerate has proposed an agreement to legalise small farmers, by allowing certifications for export, but also demanding they achieve high yields of the fruit and to sell their produce to the conglomerate at a set price. The conglomerate further stated that farmers will make handsome profit at proposed fixed price for Musang King

Many farmers have expressed anxiety and anger over the move, and protested against it. Many farmers have resorted to cutting down durian trees instead of giving in to the ‘barbaric’ demands from the state and conglomerate.

View Facebook Video of Farmers Cutting Down Durian Tree


Image of Durian Tree being Chopped Down

We are looking at the matter closely and constantly in contact with our suppliers in order to ensure stable supply of durians in the future.

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