Durian Will Only be Slightly Cheaper but could Remain Pricey for this Season [2020]


Durian Will Only be Slightly Cheaper but could Remain Pricey for this Season [2020]

Durian season typically starts from June to September and peaks in July. However, due to changing weather patterns plausibly due to climate change has affected durian quality and harvest.

According to Mr Michael Chan, owner of the Fook Gor Durian Farm in Raub in Malaysia’s Pahang state, recent heavy rains resulted in a 20 per cent drop in his durian harvest, compared with last year.

This year, the rainy weather in the month of June has caused reduced harvest. The Movement Control Order in Malaysia has also caused manpower shortage.

The best-selling Mao Shan Wang durians were going for $22 to $28 a kg last week, about 20 per cent higher than last year at the start of the season.

Covid-19 Dampen Demands

The determination of durian price is not domestic demand in Singapore. The cost actually is THE LARGEST DETERMINANT of durian prices.

Demand From China

Due to weak demand from China as a result of Covid-19 restriction measures and weaker consumer consumption and confidence, durian prices could fall. In turn, the cost of durian set by the suppliers to Singapore will also fall. However, as China continues to return to normalcy we can expect demand from China to slightly pick up.

Cover-19 Impact on Durian Farmers in Malaysia

According to a Malaysian durian trader, the dry spell this year will mean more maintenance is required at the durian farms. The lockdown in Malaysia has also posed a shortage of workers at durian farms.

Overall, due to Covid-19 measure restrictions that would affect manpower and weak demand from China, both effects will cause durian prices to only fall slightly.

It is ridiculous to think that farmers can lower prices radically as farmers have to survive, cope with higher maintenance costs and shortage in labour.

Some Singaporean sellers have predicted drastically cheaper durians to come in the coming months. Definitely would like to see if they are able to deliver truly reduced prices without compromising on quality and also handle the high rejection rate at the same time. This following is a very well research article by Straits Times.

It is likely that the dampened demand would not very much help with prices than the reduced supply that will continue to support relatively high prices this year.

At Parkway Durian, we are committed to sourcing the best fruits, preserving the culture, and sharing the joy of durian. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the most updated prices, quality feedbacks, and reviews from our wonderful community.

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