Q: Can I reserve durians for self-collection?

Yes! You can place your reservations with us through our PD website, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to Jordan 83444687 to reserve your durians. We accept reservations till 5pm daily, after which you may choose to walk-in and order directly (subject to availability).

For reservations, do indicate the following:

  • Phone No.
  • Durian Type/Cultivar:
  • Weight/Quantity:
  • Date & Time of Collection:


We will dehusk the durians for you when you arrive and vacuum pack into boxes if you require. You may also choose to bring home the durians husked.


Q: Do you do delivery?

Yes, we do island-wide delivery! To place an order for delivery, please submit your orders by 3pm for same day delivery via our PD website or WhatsApp to 83444687 (preferred) or Facebook Messenger. You may also wish to place advanced delivery orders* for other days within the week.


*(Do remind us about advanced deliveries on the day itself! For example: if you place an order for Saturday, do remind us about the delivery on Saturday morning. Sometimes your order may get lost amongst other messages but we try not to let that happen.)


Q: What are your delivery charges?

There is a minimum order of $60 for deliveries with a delivery fee of $15. For orders above $200, delivery charge will be waived. We accept PayNow (to UEN 52731400E) or cash for deliveries.


Q: Is there a delivery form that I can fill up?

To make an order for delivery, please fill up this template and send it to us through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to Jordan at 83444687.


  • Name:
  • Phone No.:
  • Durian Type/Cultivar:
  • Husk/Dehusk:
  • Weight:
  • Delivery Address (w Postal Code):
  • Date of Delivery:


Q: Do you have any promotions?

We will always post any available promotions we have on Facebook. Do refresh our Facebook Page (Parkway Durian) to check if there are any promotions for the day.


Q: What happens if my durians are unripe or sour?

In case of defects, we will replace an entire fruit if at least half (50%) of a fruit is problematic (i.e unripe seeds, sour taste or rubbery texture). Please contact us 1-day in advance for a replacement. Order number and pictures / videos of the affected durians / seeds are required. Pictures / videos are forms of evidence and will also allow us to provide feedback to our suppliers on the quality of the durians that they have supplied.


In the case that only a few seeds are affected, we will either replace these seeds or provide a discount on your next purchase.


Problematic is defined as unripe durians, sour taste or rubbery texture.


We value your feedback and your feedback is critical to our growth and is at the core of our business model. Rest assured we will consider and accept genuine unsatisfactory feedbacks so that you can have the most positive durian experience. We count on the integrity of our customers and there should be not be abuse of the policy.


Q: What is your address, operating hours, and is there parking available?

We are open 24 hours and our address is

Blk 83 Marine Parade Central, 01-568, 440083
There are car parks at Blk 83 and Blk 81/82.