Mr Tuan Kit Sian, Founder of Parkway Durian

Our Story

The founder of Parkway Durian started his career in 1979. In 1995, the diligent and passionate founder decided to establish his own Durian store at Marine Parade Central. During those days he starts his days at 8am and ends his days at 12pm. After a couple of years, Parkway Durian has managed to create a rapport with the residents in Marine Parade and even those who are from other parts of the city flocked to the store. It is never a surprise to see a long queue in front of the store during the peak of the durian season. Sheer passion and love for Durian has led us to constantly source out the best durians for our customers and develop methods to improve Parkway Durian.

In 2017, Parkway Durian is officially incepted. In the same year, Parkway Durian also established its very own online store along with the introduction of the Bubble Durian concept, air-tight sealed container.

Parkway Durian is continuously committed to sourcing for the best fruits and pursues innovative and creative ideas with the goal to enhance the Parkway Durian experience.

With many years of experience and history, we are proud to be able to continue to serve our customers and be an ambassador for the King of Fruits to the world!

About Our Logo

The King of Fruits is for the people who are passionate about life and it is an iconic symbol of the Southeast Asia countries.

The Blue Waves – represents East Coast of Singapore, where Parkway Durian is located, and versatility in Parkway Durian’s operation model.

The Durians – The King of King of Fruits: Mao Shan Wang


We strive to be the trusted source for good quality durians.


Integrity – Integrity is the most fundamental value that builds trusts between people and our business. We are accountable for our actions and stay true in the values we believe.

Committed to Excellence – Parkway Durian ensures top quality in our products and we are committed to excellence. “Only the best is good enough.”

Humility – We need the humility to accept and correct our mistakes, and take every success as an opportunity to do better. True humility is to stay teachable regardless of how much we already know.

People-Oriented – We believe in respect, teamwork and the welfare of people in order to build a cohesive community and good rapport.