Replacement Policy

We strive to give our customers the best quality durians but there may be instances where some durians that may not meet our stringent quality control. For that we apologise.

In case of defects, we will replace an entire fruit if at least half (50%) of a fruit is problematic (i.e unripe seeds, sour taste or rubbery texture). Please contact us 1-day in advance for a replacement. Order number and pictures / videos of the affected durians / seeds are required. Pictures / videos are forms of evidence and will also allow us to provide feedback to our suppliers on the quality of the durians that they have supplied.

In the case that only a few seeds are affected, we will either replace these seeds or provide a discount on your next purchase.

Problematic is defined as unripe durians, sour taste or rubbery texture.

We value your feedback and your feedback is critical to our growth and is at the core of our business model. Rest assured we will consider and accept genuine unsatisfactory feedbacks so that you can have the most positive durian experience. We count on the integrity of our customers and there should not be any abuse of the policy.

Thank you for your understanding.

We strive to constantly improve our customer satisfaction. We do our best for the community of Singapore.